Wednesday, 28 July 2010

land of my fathers

Croseo a cymru, welcome to Wales! I loved growing up in Wales, the welsh cakes for one can't be beaten. We welshies seem to stick to together. I am in Bath working for a welsh client, have a welsh structural engineer and welsh builder working on a refurb. It seems only fitting that I should source welsh products to put in the scheme. I was quite take with Elan Bach fabrics. The company was set up by Bernard Ashley (husband of Laura). There is no signature look, the designs range from contemporary to cottage. Unusually the fabrics are printed rather than woven which means that any design can be printed in one of a 100 colours. have just become a stockist of their fabric (discounts to friends and followers of course). I;ve just recieved my first order and the fabric is lush
(Samples can be ordered easily on line.) is still one of my favourite sites, it only sells products which have been hand crafted in Wales. They stock a really interesting range including a range of vintage welsh blankets and throws which are amazing.
I can remember a smattering of welsh, not a very useful language to know though. Love going to visit rellies, going over the seven bridge and seeing the Croseo a cymru sign and cheering for the welsh rugby team!

da boch chi

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