Wednesday, 7 July 2010

mirror image

I've always been fascinated by mirrors. They are so glamorous and they have a magical effect in a room; not only expanding a space and but also creating a feeling of movement and light. I have been lucky and picked up at auction and flea shops a growing collection of ornate, carved and painted mirrors. My mission is to arrange them all on one wall, just need to find a few more of them before I can put them all up! I will post a picture when the project is done.

On a recent project we installed a huge antiqued mirror within a panel to create centre piece over the fireplace. Looked fab.
I have also taken on supplying a fab mirror which I first spotted at Babington House. I have bought one for myself, their a little pricey but worth every penny. If anyone wants one let me know (its the oval antique bronze mirror, very versatile could be hung portrait as well).

One of the most exciting uses I have seen of mirror is in a hotel where the bathroom was built in the centre of the room and the 4 outside walls of the room within a room were covered with antiqued glass panels. I've attached a picture of it. Spectacular and very clever!

Before I wind my weary way to bed, here as some more of my favourite mirror tips

A mirror makes a fab backdrop for art. Prop a painting in front or hang it right on top.

Be bold, mirror a ceiling of a small space like a cloakroom and hang the light through the mirror, it will make the light look like its floating.

Be adventurous a doorway will appear to float if you replace the architrave with a bespoke mirror strips.

The bigger the better, the larger the mirror the bigger the impact.

Mirror the reveals of a window, it will make any window feel like a bay window.

Make a narrow space, like a hallway, feel wider by adding mirror panels to one wall


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