Monday, 12 July 2010

the sweetest thing - part 1

The biggest bummer about being a mum to teenagers and older kids is the having to deal with constantly messy rooms. I am not sure who is the biggest culprit, my 17 year old son or my now living at home again daughter of 22. It is a given, being an interior designer, that I crave order and perfection in my home. I have had to abandon that ethos in their rooms or I would have had a break-down by now. I shouldn't complain too much though in a few years they will have their own homes and I will miss them like mad. Until then their rooms will have to be projects for the future. My sons room (when he was little) was one of the first I experimented on as a designer. It had a circus theme and the wardrobe looked like the entrance to a circus tent with clowns and ring-masters painted on the wall. It couldn't have been very successful as I could never, ever get him to sleep in it!

I would love to have another children's room to design, girl or boys. What a chance to be creative, to go all out on colour. But also practicality, lots of places for toys and junk to be put away. Children's rooms should be places of adventure, for imaginations to be ignited, a place to entertain friends and a place for lots of fond memories to be generated. Some of my favourite little girls rooms are packed with pink, vintage wallpapers, oversized beds and acres of fabric, I've attached some of my favourites.

My favourite boys rooms to follow soon!

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