Monday, 31 January 2011

Bursting at the seams.

No room inside the house, who else but IKEA would come up with an idea to store your possessions  outside your window in a storage utility box. Potentially an idea best left on the drawing board.

A better way to hide your clutter potentially is under your stairs, its a great place to store and organise your belongings. Or if theres no room under the stairs then why not try in the stairs!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

home comforts

Home sweet home. Question is what makes a house a home? There's nothing better than coming home, the moment you walk through the door you feel totally relaxed in your own space. Whether it's being  greeted by  loved ones, the smell of home cooking or sinking into your own bed, there's something very comforting about being around the things you love.

 On the subject of beds I am very close to convincing the other half to agree to a new bed. Its The Angelica from named after its 'wing' like head board it comes in a range of sizes, colours and fabric. After months of searching for the right one I can't wait for the day I to sink into it but waking up in the morning is going to be even harder, I know I won't want to get out of it.
love where you live

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

utilise your utility room

Not every home has one but more and more modern houses have a utility room which is often overlooked when it comes to design. Often a great place to hide washing machines, ironing boards and all those other objects you have no place for in the rest of the house. A clutter free and organised utility or laundry room can make the whole process of having to clean that much more bearable. Using baskets and vintage jars can help organise sewing kits and cleaning products and makes finding everything that much easier. A little effort and a bit of colour can change a dreary room that you shut the door to every time someone comes round to another room that you enjoy walking into.

And for those of you not afraid of colour I love this utility room posted on room envy with the retro laundry line and pop of yellow against the blue walls.

love where you live

Monday, 24 January 2011

day dreamer

When summer still feels too far away and the days  feel dark and gloomy I can't help but fantasise about living in a warm far off country.
And if I could choose any  home this would be one of my first choices. Bridle road residence in Cape Town.
The architecture designed by Antonio Zaninovic creates a sense of openness and elegance with its clean lines and minimal interior and the extensive picture frame windows fills the space with natural light. The way the house has been designed  takes full advantage of the full panoramic view of Cape Town. I can imagine my self standing on the terrace with a warm breeze blowing on my face.
Some how can't imagining find anywhere like this in Bath!

Bridle Road Residence

Sunday, 23 January 2011

pretty in pink

Pink as a colour can be a little overwhelming in a room, unless your designing
 a child's room then the more pink the better!
Any little girl I think would be thrilled to have a room like this one  in Home & Gardens Australia.
But for more of a grown up approach giving pink a vintage touch keeps the look feminine but
not  over-powering. For a room I've done recently I used old books I found in  a junk shop and art deco style cut glass bottles and jars to accessorise the room and kept the pink to a dusky  oyster shade for a grown up  girls look.

Pink shouldn'y necessarily  be left to the bedroom. I stumbled across this beautiful pale pink bathroom that any girl would be proud to call her own.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

love story

I was invited to attend a careers fair at a local school recently. It was brilliantly organised there were representatives from all sorts of jobs. I was surprised I thought I would get a approached by a few of the girls but ended up answering questions non stop for a couple of hours. I got asked lots about why and how I had ended up doing what I do. I hadn't really thought about it that much, Why indeed!
I know its something I get really passion about. I think it is driven by a need to make everything beautiful! I love watching clients see their house transform into a home that they love living in. I love organising and problem solving which is key to making things happen.

I am sticking with the love theme, going to watch Love Story this weekend and inspired by falling completely in love with the 70's fashion vibe going on in the high street at the moment (I have invested in some flares!)
This 70's thing is not just for the fashion followers, bring your flare for the seventies into the home with key pieces.
Leave the lava lamps in the attic and find furniture with clean lines and futuristic shapes resembling those of the early g-plan furniture.

Fancy just a hint of the seventies in your home then accessories like
a trim phone or psychedelic print like this one from room39 will add a touch of colour and seventies vibe to any room.

phone- wild and wolf
chair - ecol at

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

too cool for school

Samantha Roddick daughter of Body Shop founder Anita Roddick, has recently renovated her 4 storey home in London. Design team Adam Hills and Maria Spike from Retrouvius in Kensal Green were called in to help with parts of the project. As well has creating a concrete fireplace hearth they have laid unfinished reclaimed school desktops as flooring in the lounge area to great effect. So innovative, unique and quirky, love, love, love the idea . Retrouvius also stocks amazing reclaimed furniture, lighting, mirrors which are available to buy online . It is one of my favourite online retailers, you just have to keep coming back as new things are posted frequently and sell just as fast.