Saturday, 15 January 2011

love story

I was invited to attend a careers fair at a local school recently. It was brilliantly organised there were representatives from all sorts of jobs. I was surprised I thought I would get a approached by a few of the girls but ended up answering questions non stop for a couple of hours. I got asked lots about why and how I had ended up doing what I do. I hadn't really thought about it that much, Why indeed!
I know its something I get really passion about. I think it is driven by a need to make everything beautiful! I love watching clients see their house transform into a home that they love living in. I love organising and problem solving which is key to making things happen.

I am sticking with the love theme, going to watch Love Story this weekend and inspired by falling completely in love with the 70's fashion vibe going on in the high street at the moment (I have invested in some flares!)
This 70's thing is not just for the fashion followers, bring your flare for the seventies into the home with key pieces.
Leave the lava lamps in the attic and find furniture with clean lines and futuristic shapes resembling those of the early g-plan furniture.

Fancy just a hint of the seventies in your home then accessories like
a trim phone or psychedelic print like this one from room39 will add a touch of colour and seventies vibe to any room.

phone- wild and wolf
chair - ecol at

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