Tuesday, 30 November 2010

xmas countdown

snowflake stickers

I haven't bought a present yet or even started a list, nor ordered the turkey. I am surprisingly calm about it. Living in Bath has that sort of effect on you, being 5 mins walk from hundreds of amazing shops does breed complacency. I know its going to be a breeze to walk into town and shop till I drop.
The Xmas trees are about the only thing I have organised, 3 this year! One for the upstairs living room and and one for downstairs living room, both colour coordinated of course and my daughter wants to decorate the third with edible decorations, marshmallow and pop corn garlands and gingerbread decorations, sounds like a tasty idea.
The simplest things make the most lovely Xmas decorations. A huge bowl of oranges or fir cones, simple white candles and freshly cut foliage. Or go for a simple theme, I found these lovely snow flake stickers and snowflake tea light holder on www.Coxandcox.co.uk. If you have some lovely Xmas styling tips post them on
facebook- interior design bath id-homes.
love where you live

Thursday, 25 November 2010

all cozy wozy

I managed to sneak in a bit of shopping in when I was in London last week. I Headed to Oxford Street for a bit of shopping; window shopping only of course. Sooo lush, Zara in particular was full of the scrummiest Autumnal delights.

It all felt a little Ralph Lauren Home the colours were all caramelly, fudgy and lots of flashes of tartan and paisley. The textures were full on texturial porn, soft velvets, suede's and wools. I am loving the slouchy leather satchels and swirly plaid skirts, its all very modern and hunting and shooting set. I thought the colours and textures were quite inspirational and I predict that next winter will see a lot of these heading for the shelves of the home styling stores.

Its not been so much as autumnal feel at the moment but a Arctic winter feel, get those roaring fires going now! There are some lovely warm throws about at the moment I've been wrapping myself up in a lovely warm blanket from www.melin trygwynt.co.uk - warm as toast I am !!!

love where you live

Sunday, 21 November 2010

dark and sultry

Great minds think alike. I thought I was being brave going for a dark paint colour in the study but I was looking at some interior design blogs and found these lovely dark and sultry room schemes. Its a great wall colour and comes into its own in these long cold dark nights (Farrow and Balls Down Pipe or Off Black ). It creates a surprisingly cosy and comforting space. The bedroom room scheme above with its mix of retro bed and contemporary looks really chilled and fabulously sophisticated. Using a warm accent colour like yellow and red stops the schemes from becoming to serious. The bedroom rug is from the rug company and the study light is from Abigail Ahern.
love where you live

ballroom blitz

I can't believe that the year is nearly over, it feels like it been all work and no play. Its amazing how unglamorous the role can be, infront of clients its all a calm well presented front, but on the coal face I have ended up in my scruffiest clothes mucking in to get a project in on time more often than not, hair and nails covered in paint.
I saw this picture and longed to get glammed up and hit the town for a bit of R&R. Sadly I am not sure Bath has anything so grand or glamorous.
Its Tom Dixon, one of my design hero's, latest offering, the Tasmania ballroom in Hong Kong. The owner wanted a Private club atmosphere without the stuffiness. The look is a very refined James Bond feel with retro-high tech, combined with a confident cool club atmosphere. The result is a exclusive and glamorous mix of pool club/night club/private club. Dixons key pieces include the cone, pipe and copper shade lights and off-cut stool.
Mmm I think a definite location for cosmos and laboutins!
love where you live


Inspiring and definitely unexpected this is not your typical Steak House Restaurant, its recently opened in Stockholm of all places. I love the way that the design company, Stylt, responsible for the make-over have created a really interesting homely atmosphere but have spiced it up with hints of travel, science and glamour. The brief was to create an eclectic interior mixing alchemy and mysticism. Hats off to the clients who had the imagination and bravery to go with such an unconventional look.

Monday, 15 November 2010

designer notes

Have found so little time to write recently its unreal. Mostly as a result of taking on the almost full time job the last 3 weeks of coercing and hlping to write my son's uni application (and the hellish personal statement), not least the days spent on the road taxiing him to see the uni's on his shortlist. Thank god its now been submitted. Didn't have this problem with my daughter, boys are such hard work!!!

Nearly all the motorway driving done just one more jaunt to go, this time to London for a styling for Photo shoots talk. I am hoping to pick up a few useful tips. I would love to have more opportunity to do styling. By the time I have gotten to the end of a project there isn't much budget left to finish off the whole look which is a crying shame. Its all about styling. What takes up 5% of the budget can give 50% of the impression.

But there again it doesn't have to cost a fortune. I think the best ideas are often really simple. I like this dining room where the centrepiece consists of a simple collection of glass glasses and candlesticks.