Tuesday, 30 November 2010

xmas countdown

snowflake stickers

I haven't bought a present yet or even started a list, nor ordered the turkey. I am surprisingly calm about it. Living in Bath has that sort of effect on you, being 5 mins walk from hundreds of amazing shops does breed complacency. I know its going to be a breeze to walk into town and shop till I drop.
The Xmas trees are about the only thing I have organised, 3 this year! One for the upstairs living room and and one for downstairs living room, both colour coordinated of course and my daughter wants to decorate the third with edible decorations, marshmallow and pop corn garlands and gingerbread decorations, sounds like a tasty idea.
The simplest things make the most lovely Xmas decorations. A huge bowl of oranges or fir cones, simple white candles and freshly cut foliage. Or go for a simple theme, I found these lovely snow flake stickers and snowflake tea light holder on www.Coxandcox.co.uk. If you have some lovely Xmas styling tips post them on
facebook- interior design bath id-homes.
love where you live

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