Monday, 6 December 2010

pack it in!

I am such a hoarder, I hate chucking things out, you just never know when they could come in handy again. I spotted the image below of 2 crocodile leather suitcase in a magazine and it reminded me I had some in the attic!

I have had my 2 Vintage Suitcases in the attic for the last god knows how many years. I think they have moved house with us many times but I've never quite found the right place for them. But I have dusted them down and they have now provided a nifty storage solution for all my bedroom "stuff" like hairdryers and have become a handy showcase place for my vintage bags. I was starting to despair there is so little storage place in our house, I am glad that I didn't chuck them out, could just do with finding a few more now!

tick tock....

I love collections of things, mirrors, ornaments, whatever really that creates visual impact, or interest. If its a little bit quirky all the better. I spotted this image recently, this eclectic mix of battered and ancient alarm clocks is ever so sweet.
love where you live

the power of three

I am working in the dining room it feels a bit more festive in there than in my office. Need sunglasses though the light is really bright because of the snow reflecting off the ground outside, but it's a beautiful view to look.

Most thoughts of staying in during the cold weather revolve around cosy warm fires, lots of cosy colours and throws. In contrast this bedroom looks xmasy but in a wintry way!
I thought the room looked beautiful but a bit stark. Although I love the simplicity and perfection of the way the accent colours are balanced. A perfect styling example of the theory of the power of three. The off black connected in the woodwork colour, throw and lampshade, and the gold reflected in the lamp base, mirror and colours in the rug.
love the styling but it needs warming up, and so do I, I'm off to put another jumper on!

lover where you live


I think spring cleaning is so overrated its the pre and post Xmas clear outs which are the most thearaptic! A good clear out pre xmas to make room for all those fab pressies and the post xmas clear out to get rid of those less than usefull pressies!

My new years resolution (in addition to having an alchohol free month) is to master the art of de-cluttering. No more overspilling drawers and stuff falling out when cupboard doors are opened. So I've been having a clear out over over the holidays and rearranging my shelves and cabinets so for at least a few weeks my home looks show house pristine. It does require some willpower to put only the best of your belongings on show. But less is more!

Kitchens are the hardest to style, so much easier to leave applinaces, cups and hardware on countertops, but it can just end up looking like a student kitchen. A great strategy is to collect items that look great left out and you just can't go wrong with white crockery, glasse and wooden bowls. These images show just how stylish it can look

love where you live

recycled xmas

Yikes only a few days to go till Xmas. I am not very prepared having been foiled by the weather, that's my excuse. I did order a few presents but they're stuck in the postal system so I braved the snow yesterday and walked into town to get a few pressies. I managed to forget the wrapping paper though, what a twit. It made me improvise, I used some brown paper, string and I cut off the ends of the Xmas tree to add a bit of colour and stuck it through the bows .
It was fun having to be bit more creative, I think I am going to wrap the rest of the presents using newspaper and ribbon, thoroughly environmentally friendly!
I do love simple Xmas Decos. I Spotted this simple but pretty xmas styling idea as well, pine trees branches and candles to decorate window sills, very festive.
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