Monday, 6 December 2010

the power of three

I am working in the dining room it feels a bit more festive in there than in my office. Need sunglasses though the light is really bright because of the snow reflecting off the ground outside, but it's a beautiful view to look.

Most thoughts of staying in during the cold weather revolve around cosy warm fires, lots of cosy colours and throws. In contrast this bedroom looks xmasy but in a wintry way!
I thought the room looked beautiful but a bit stark. Although I love the simplicity and perfection of the way the accent colours are balanced. A perfect styling example of the theory of the power of three. The off black connected in the woodwork colour, throw and lampshade, and the gold reflected in the lamp base, mirror and colours in the rug.
love the styling but it needs warming up, and so do I, I'm off to put another jumper on!

lover where you live

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