Monday, 6 December 2010

recycled xmas

Yikes only a few days to go till Xmas. I am not very prepared having been foiled by the weather, that's my excuse. I did order a few presents but they're stuck in the postal system so I braved the snow yesterday and walked into town to get a few pressies. I managed to forget the wrapping paper though, what a twit. It made me improvise, I used some brown paper, string and I cut off the ends of the Xmas tree to add a bit of colour and stuck it through the bows .
It was fun having to be bit more creative, I think I am going to wrap the rest of the presents using newspaper and ribbon, thoroughly environmentally friendly!
I do love simple Xmas Decos. I Spotted this simple but pretty xmas styling idea as well, pine trees branches and candles to decorate window sills, very festive.
love where you live

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