Monday, 22 March 2010

brick by brick

Take 2 Scandinavian brands , put them together and what do you get? An amazing one off creation that serves as a piece of working art. A Parisian designer bought an ikea kitchen and covered it in 20,000 pieces of lego. Amazingly simple, amazingly amazing!!
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budget special

I would love oodles of cash so I could buy all the furniture I lust over and finish my darn house (preferably before we end up having to move again). The reality is me and most have to make do until that day comes (if it ever does!). But who cares it can be more rewarding having to be creative on a tight budget.

One of the easiest ways to change the look of your furniture, if you can't replace it, is to give it a bit of razzle dazzle with new handles. Unpardonably cheap they can be installed in a blink of eye. Follow in the footsteps of the fashion forward and opt for over sized handles, they add a heightened sense of drama and are fabulously exciting as a result. I've found an example of elongated door handles enlivening otherwise featureless doors. Simply spray wood precut from a DIY store and paint it a wicked colour.

Even simpler take some scraps of material and cover cupboard handles for an instant vintage look.

If you have any budget ideas to share let us know

Friday, 19 March 2010

and so to bed.....

I am getting a little excited about going to Birmingham on Monday. I would say that its not Birmingham itself that's getting me excited (I'm not a great fan of the city) but the Kitchen Bathroom and Bed exhibition. I love seeing all the new designs and products and always come back from these things brimming with ideas. But I am going with a bit of a hidden agenda; I'm lusting after a new bed! We have a perfectly functional bed though- as my partner keeps reminding me (he just doesn't understand!). However it's one that I bought at least 2 houses before and the style and proportions just don't work in our very high ceilinged Georgian Bedroom. Not that he sees it that way!

I have decorated and styled our bedroom with a particular replacement bed in mind. However even I have to admit it is not the cheapest (but it is a masterpiece and will last a lifetime) and have I not been able to sell-it in to the other half. He is right though, we could buy my son a decent 2nd hand mini to learn to drive in for the price of the bed. There are similar styles on the market but none so well made as this one.
I will continue lusting after "the one" but will definitely see if I can replace the object of my affection at Birmingham with something a bit more economical. Check out where you can see "my" bed and many other lovely ones.
Have a restful weekend x

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

keep calm and carry on

May is going to turn into a mad month. I start in earnest designing the interior of a house from top to toe. There is masses to do and lots of decisions to me made and a massively tight timescale to work to. This months sees the marketing campaign kick up a notch with the Press launch of the Pride of Bath art campaign (id homes is one of the sponsors) and my networking strategy moves on; I have now joined the Bath Business Women's Association. Another luncheon to attend!.

I feel that there is always something new to learn in design so I have a advanced colour course and a furniture painting course to attend over the next few weeks. For my sins I also work for a volunteer for a Youth Mentoring Organisation ( and my commitments there needed to be fitted in. A truly mad month.

I am though tackling it in a calm and collect manner as it will all work out just fine. But it did strike me how different colours appeal to you depending on mood. Although not a surprise, take fashion.We often wear colours according to our mood. Which would probably explain why these rooms designs seem really appealing. Very calm very cool and very collect! Just like moi, for the moment at least!

the writing is on the wall!

The most inspiring homes are usually not only beautiful but are simple and fun and chalkboard paint has go to be the coolest, simplest and most fun decorating material ever. For kids a constant source of entertainment and for grown ups too. I love the way paint has been used in the white living room becoming a dramatic ever changing piece of art in its own right. And the quirky way the paint has been incorporated into a picture scheme is so simple but an perfect way to personalise a space. Paint a panel in your cloakroom and let your guests leave you messages! Its a geat for updating picture frames or use it to revamp a lamp base or create a unique piece of furniture.

small and beautiful

The final stage of the renovation of our house was the conversion of an old bathroom and hallway into my office. Its not a huge space so being clever storage and colour was a must to make the most of the space. If you have a small room to renovate try incorporating some of these ideas into your design.
Don't leave the walls white. You just end up with a small room lacking in personality.
Don't be afraid to use colour particularly in hallways where it will create drama and make the rooms of the hall look bigger.
Use the same colour for the walls, ceiling and woodwork. It is instant trick to make a room feel bigger as it stops the room from visually being cut into separate sections.
Use full scale shelves and cabinets to draw the eye upward, making the ceilings seem higher and the space feel larger. Upscale accessories. Large lamps, artwork candles and vases create the appearance of greater space, scale and height. No wimpy lamps!
Mirrors are the biz in terms of reflecting light and visually making a space feel larger. The more the merrier!
Mix up furniture (wooden furniture with metal or glass topped furniture) it will give the room a lighter airier feel.
Put in a large rug it will extend the vision line and give an illusion of more square footage.

The obvious one, the one I am not good at, is chuck out the clutter!

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Saturday, 13 March 2010

spring is in the air

Thank god the sun finally came out yesterday and it felt like spring was finally in air. In an attempt to bring the outside indoors I stopped off at the florist on the way home and bought loads of flowers - Hyacinths, tulips, young hydrangeas. What an instant interiors and emotional pick-me up to have the house full of colour. I got a chance to use the lovely vases I have bought the last couple of months (they came from and If anybody else has spotted any fantastic vases, let me know you can never have too many!

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home is where the heart is

My favourite interior designer is style guru Ilse Crawford her design philosophy is the one I can relate to "Creating a successful space is not just about considering what it looks like but what it feels like".

Her work doesn’t have a signature style, but a signature feeling: emotional and deeply rooted to the place. Created by using subtle textures, inspiring a sense of belonging and subconscious recognition; even a sense of nostalgia. I sensed a feeling of familiarity when I stayed at a hotel she had designed; windows were dressed in Velvets in colours reminiscent of my childhood memories of interiors of the 70's but given new life and modernity in the setting they were placed. Her choice of colours is grounded in nature, earthy tones of greys, blues and browns. As is her choice of materials nothing fake from natural flooring's and cottons wool and velvet fabrics. Her simple unfussy designs create a sense of calm, rooms are comforting and tranquil. But never boring they always exude a sense of glamour and sensuality. But are never pretentious mixing vintage finds with contemporary classics, creating s sense of honesty.
see more of her designs at
or read more about her design philospohy in her book home is where the heart is
let me know what you think of her work

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Oscar-Worthy Rooms

Being an interiors junkie, it is the film sets rather than the red carpet fashion parade that had me hooked this weekend. The last year has seen a feast of amazing interior sets, "the young victoria", "sherlock homes"and "an education"and "nowhere boy" for a glimpse into 1960's interiors. But it was the sets of " a single man" that had me drooling (that and Colin Firth). Fashion designer Tom Ford's directorial debut is visually, achingly beautiful. Charley's (Julianne Moore) living room is so seductive with plush carpeting, glam sofa, and glittering touches such as metallic-framed mirrors and decorative dressers. I like a dose of 60's nostalgia it brings back childhood memories of my mums ercol dining set, cheese-plants, trim phone and psychedelic wallpaper. I think I am going to raid the family photo albums for some more retro interior inspiration. I think being a 60's babe has influenced my choices I have loads of creme shag pile rugs around our house and introduced a shag pile carpet into a study scheme recently, very funky!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


I am completely obsessed with lighting. The one thing great lighting doesn't have to do is break the bank. I am always picking up interesting lighting for peanuts in junk shops or customizing old bases with a lick of paint . I am still completely in love with Habitats Aperture pendant light. We have 3 landings and I have one on every landing (its a tall house!). Its a Georgian property and the modernity and simplicity of the design really suit's the period setting. I would really like antique chandeliers but the APERTURES will have to do until I can save enought for the chandeliers! I like to specify dimmer switches on all my schemes; it is an economical and ultimately a practical way to create a flexible lighting scheme (the Aperture shades look amazing on a dimmed setting)
I have to tell the truth though I have just invested in a beautiful antique chandelier, its is very girly , sparky, lots of crystal! ( is really great for period lighting) Its part of my grand scheme to re-design our drawing and withdrawing room. The furniture arrives this week, which I am very excited about. Will post before and after photos when the project is all finished.

Monday, 1 March 2010

"hooked on houses"

ID-Homes' top ten loves.

1. Mixing old with new. It is incredibly rewarding creating a unique scheme by mixing decorative antiques with contemporary pieces. It can make a space truly genuine, unique and interesting (see or for examples of the look).

2. Recycling. There is nothing more satisfying than the thrill of the hunt, searching out furniture and objects that can be can be rejuvenated with rejuvenated with a lick of paint or reupholstered with funky new fabric. Visit local auctions and junk shops keeping
an eye out for objects with strong form and solid construction in particular. (, for local finds, or further afield try )
3. Timeless Classics. I love angelpoise in particular and have invested in the quirky giant angelpoise 1227.
4. Tom Dixon wing back chairs A totally glamorous reinvention of traditional lounge furniture
5. Bold paint statements – I particularly love Farrow and Ball’s dDwn-pipe , Charleston Grey and Paint and Paper Library’s Squid Ink and Spruce.
6. Velvets , in particular the luscious feel of Mohair (
7. Footstools. I am hooked on footstools they look amazing, and can be hugely practical if made with integral storage.
8. Antique chandeliers. Uber glamorous and feminine have a great selection
9. Natural Floor Coverings – the most impactful way to create a stylish contemporary feel with character
10. Mirrors. Mirrors generate real energy in a room, I have created a whole feature wall at home which is hung with an eclectic mix of decorative mirrors.

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