Tuesday, 9 March 2010


I am completely obsessed with lighting. The one thing great lighting doesn't have to do is break the bank. I am always picking up interesting lighting for peanuts in junk shops or customizing old bases with a lick of paint . I am still completely in love with Habitats Aperture pendant light. We have 3 landings and I have one on every landing (its a tall house!). Its a Georgian property and the modernity and simplicity of the design really suit's the period setting. I would really like antique chandeliers but the APERTURES will have to do until I can save enought for the chandeliers! I like to specify dimmer switches on all my schemes; it is an economical and ultimately a practical way to create a flexible lighting scheme (the Aperture shades look amazing on a dimmed setting)
I have to tell the truth though I have just invested in a beautiful antique chandelier, its is very girly , sparky, lots of crystal! (http://www.antiquesofbath.co.uk/ is really great for period lighting) Its part of my grand scheme to re-design our drawing and withdrawing room. The furniture arrives this week, which I am very excited about. Will post before and after photos when the project is all finished.

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