Friday, 19 March 2010

and so to bed.....

I am getting a little excited about going to Birmingham on Monday. I would say that its not Birmingham itself that's getting me excited (I'm not a great fan of the city) but the Kitchen Bathroom and Bed exhibition. I love seeing all the new designs and products and always come back from these things brimming with ideas. But I am going with a bit of a hidden agenda; I'm lusting after a new bed! We have a perfectly functional bed though- as my partner keeps reminding me (he just doesn't understand!). However it's one that I bought at least 2 houses before and the style and proportions just don't work in our very high ceilinged Georgian Bedroom. Not that he sees it that way!

I have decorated and styled our bedroom with a particular replacement bed in mind. However even I have to admit it is not the cheapest (but it is a masterpiece and will last a lifetime) and have I not been able to sell-it in to the other half. He is right though, we could buy my son a decent 2nd hand mini to learn to drive in for the price of the bed. There are similar styles on the market but none so well made as this one.
I will continue lusting after "the one" but will definitely see if I can replace the object of my affection at Birmingham with something a bit more economical. Check out where you can see "my" bed and many other lovely ones.
Have a restful weekend x

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