Saturday, 13 March 2010

home is where the heart is

My favourite interior designer is style guru Ilse Crawford her design philosophy is the one I can relate to "Creating a successful space is not just about considering what it looks like but what it feels like".

Her work doesn’t have a signature style, but a signature feeling: emotional and deeply rooted to the place. Created by using subtle textures, inspiring a sense of belonging and subconscious recognition; even a sense of nostalgia. I sensed a feeling of familiarity when I stayed at a hotel she had designed; windows were dressed in Velvets in colours reminiscent of my childhood memories of interiors of the 70's but given new life and modernity in the setting they were placed. Her choice of colours is grounded in nature, earthy tones of greys, blues and browns. As is her choice of materials nothing fake from natural flooring's and cottons wool and velvet fabrics. Her simple unfussy designs create a sense of calm, rooms are comforting and tranquil. But never boring they always exude a sense of glamour and sensuality. But are never pretentious mixing vintage finds with contemporary classics, creating s sense of honesty.
see more of her designs at
or read more about her design philospohy in her book home is where the heart is
let me know what you think of her work

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