Sunday, 25 April 2010

british bulldog 1 2 3 (part 3)

Finally last instalment!
The Rug maker have launched these really fab Stamp Rugs, they would look amazing in a contemporary or retro setting.

or what about a statement cushion for an instant style update taking its design inspiration from the Scrabble board! Get one from which also stocks the most fabulous range of funky interior accessories
And no homage to the British Isles would be complete without a nod to my Welsh roots. Melin Trygwynt Have been weaving at the mills in West Wales since the 18th Century. I love the natural textures of their throws and cushions. The colour ranges look very organic and hugely authentic.

british bull dog 1 2 3 (part 2)

One of my other favourite British companies is the The Rug company, for their stylish range and amazing quality products (if only they weren't so expensive I would have a house full). Masses of brilliant designers , Vivienne Westwood, Paul smith, tom Dixon, Alice Temperley (the list is endless ) have collaborated with the company to bring together a stunning range. They also do fantastic cushions and wall- hangings. To see the full range got to
I can get a little of the retail price as a interior designer so if you want a quote give me a shout.
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Friday, 23 April 2010

British Bulldog 1 2 3

I am feeling quite patriotic this week (must be the after affects of feeling so happy to be home after our Volcanic Ash journey!) so I have decided this is the week I start passing on my top 3 Best of British designs (the rest to follow).

First up the thoroughly British Orginal BTC lighting Company. They have a passionate commitment to local manufacturing. BTC produce all their bone china lights in Stoke-on -Trent. Their products are incredibly well made, you would expect nothing less of something made in the UK! Always one to spot a trend my tip is their lights will become future classics. Already gracing some of the top London restaurants their products will look equally stunning in a residential home. If you, like me, like your interiors to be slightly quirky then you will love their bone china teapot lights.

I have added images of my favourite pendant and table lights The prices won't break the bank and even better I will be able to supply at a price discount over the coming months.
Head to to order your own catalogue and email me for my prices.

or if your thinking of gettting one, send me an image of the room and I can recommend the best design for the room.

instant sunshine!

Loads of sunshine today, long may it last!

For instant sunshine in your home just add a splash of orange. I love this scheme it works by combining complimentary colours (colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel). Complementary colours when placed together appear to become brighter. Combine this with the theory of colour psychology, orange communicates warmth, excitement and energy, and you have a room full of sunshine!

The symmetry of the scheme instills just the right amount of elegance (and the sunburst mirrors are gorgeous)

Send me images of your favourite rooms and tell us why you like them

Monday, 19 April 2010

there's no place like home

There are so many people all over the world who have become unexpectedly displaced. Some are happy to be late getting back to the office. Most, like us, just wanted to get home to all that is familiar, secure and comforting(we spent 30 hours travelling solidly from southern Spain!) It was the thought of my warm and cosy bedroom and my comfortable bed (managing to get only 1 1/2 hours sleep is not good) that motivated us to keep on moving!
Keeping a bedroom colour scheme uncomplicated is the best way to keep things relaxed and calm. I've used Charleston Gray on the walls and stuck to cream and white accessories (adding definition with a black convex mirror and a customised chair) and gave the room warmth by using honey coloured oak floors.
For prices on oak flooring and mirrors drop me a email.
I hope that everybody makes it home safely x
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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

its a small world

The devil is in the detail when it comes to creative interior design, but imagine the level of detail that goes into creating these roomscapes. Mini modernista Aninna Gunther has been recreating interior worlds in miniature for the last 2 years. Fabulous fun and incredibly clever. She sources the furniture and materials from all over the world. She cleverly stages and photographs them to a standard that could grace Elle Deco. See more of her work on her blogsite

let me know what you think of her work
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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

measuring up

I am constantly measuring up things in my job and consequently have loads of battered old measuring tapes hanging around (I am always misplacing them), I like them so much I leave them lying around as a decoration. Which is probably explain why I am so taken by Chrissy Angliker's measuring light. Genius!

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Friday, 2 April 2010

I'm craving...

Things are crazy in this world, global recession, freak weather, countries going bankrupt and a General Election where nobody won.

I'm craving .....Simplicity and calm. A quiet room to escape to , a room of books, sunshine through the window and some well placed furniture to chill on.

glamour puss

I'm intrigued by this table, wondering is it a desk, a dressing table, a place to pen letters to fabulous friends, a place for going through those stacks of books?
Whatever the purpose, the design is clear, Glamour, Glamour, Glamour. I mean that chandelier, that mirror, that fabulous red, mmmmm!

beauty and the beast

Why oh why are all my favourite furnishing materials such beasts to live with. I love marble work surfaces, I love Natural flooring and satin nickel taps.
I love marble work surfaces never been able to afford them but lust after them! A recent client insisted on them as part of her kitchen refurb, I did my research and adviced her against it as they stain and scratch really easily (and there's not much you can do to rectify the damage) but she was adamant. Within a week of having them kitchen up and running she wished she had never chosen them.

Natural flooring, love it, had it in my last house (sisal), was ruined within 6 months, if they get wet they stain and you can't get rid of the mark. I still think natural flooring is one of the best looking floor coverings, in period or cottage setting it looks amazing. I am hopeful I will specify it again as I have now found a supplier who does a decent job of waterproofing it.

Satin Nickel taps looked amazing in our current house, was warned that they should only be cleaned by washing up liquid but one day my daughter very helpfully and unprompted cleaned the house and cleaned them with detergent and they are all now stained and look awful.

As my partner is always telling me "you can't have palm trees and paradise"!
If your designer advices you against some thing, listen to them they will most probably know what they are talking about!
I am looking forward to the the end of the week, I am off to my Advanced Colour course. I think next weeks posts will all be colour related if I am suitable inspired about what I have learnt!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

cracking antiques

No rest for the wicked this weekend still on a mission to fill our house up with stuff! Want to stick to an eclectic look mixing old with new, vintage with contemporary pieces. So a trip to the Cotswold's to check out the antique shops in Tetbury and a first visit to Baileys reclamation shop . Then the long long trip to Newark on Monday to the international antiques and collectors fair. This show should be an interesting one. I am going up with a hardened antiques collector and dealer so I am hoping I will being safe hands when it comes to make the decision on what will be a good buy. The bonus is that we have pre-opening tickets. Basically it just means we get to see everything before it goes on general sale, happy days! I am hoping to pick up some more mirrors, pictures, ornaments to add the finishing touches to our home. Needs to be done and done soon. Have just agreed to have the house photographed with a view to getting an article on it in some interior design mags. The pressure will really be on to finish the main rooms!

I am really taken by this hallway which mixes up vintage chandeliers, retro sideboard and contemporary art looks so balanced and fabulous! I am looking forward to discovering some treasures of my own over the bank holiday.