Thursday, 1 April 2010

cracking antiques

No rest for the wicked this weekend still on a mission to fill our house up with stuff! Want to stick to an eclectic look mixing old with new, vintage with contemporary pieces. So a trip to the Cotswold's to check out the antique shops in Tetbury and a first visit to Baileys reclamation shop . Then the long long trip to Newark on Monday to the international antiques and collectors fair. This show should be an interesting one. I am going up with a hardened antiques collector and dealer so I am hoping I will being safe hands when it comes to make the decision on what will be a good buy. The bonus is that we have pre-opening tickets. Basically it just means we get to see everything before it goes on general sale, happy days! I am hoping to pick up some more mirrors, pictures, ornaments to add the finishing touches to our home. Needs to be done and done soon. Have just agreed to have the house photographed with a view to getting an article on it in some interior design mags. The pressure will really be on to finish the main rooms!

I am really taken by this hallway which mixes up vintage chandeliers, retro sideboard and contemporary art looks so balanced and fabulous! I am looking forward to discovering some treasures of my own over the bank holiday.

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