Friday, 29 October 2010

techno fever 1

I am not much of a techno person, I like to keep things simple. But this year I have tried to embrace all things new, hence a facebook account, a blog and now an Ipad. I am a convert it has become a permanent attachment to my person! I bought it with work in mind, the graphics are really good and its a great size to be able to pull out in front of clients to show them my portfolio. I have had great fun searching out some great apps that for an interior designer are indispensable.

i handy or blevelfree for an instant spirit level!

its essential to understand natural light when designing a room, Compass app for working out the rooms orientation

colour change using a picture from your albums you can show a client who has difficulty visualising things what a piece of furniture or even an entire room will look like in a completely different colour.

convert units - to switch between metric and imperial

my measure is a brilliant app for keeping track of dimensions. You can shoot a clients existing furniture, and overlay the dimensions. Once back in the office it takes the guess-work when deciding how to make sure new and existing elements work together.

myPantone app - has a fab function on it which allows you to take a picture and then get the app to work out the colours that its seeing, brill for working out any colour references of colours when your out and about.

How did I manage without out!

love where you live

cupboard love

Every decade has its culinary object of desire. In the 70's housewives lusted after revolving spice racks and electric carving knives; in the 80's we wanted microwaves; then glossy coffee machines took over in the 9o's and more recently high-tech juicers have become the "it" item.
But the latest kitchen "must have" owes little to technology and everything to the practicality of our ancestors. To be truly chic a modern kitchen needs a larder.

If you've accessed your inner goddess you'll want somewhere to put the trays of freshly cooked cup cakes. And if your buying in bulk to save money then you'll need somewhere to store it. On top of which a walk in larder deals brilliantly with kitchen clutter.

Increasingly clever design means there is no need to abandon the larder dream even if you don't have the luxury of a separate room. Instead of the usual base and wall cabinets you can just block out a space with a tall larder cupboard. Companies like plain english are great at designing larders but they come at a price. A cheaper route, let id homes design and make one for you! I designed a great one last year which hid away all the owners clutter and kept the worksurfaces clear by housing the toaster and kettle.

Food for thought?

Sunday, 24 October 2010

wall domination

I was completely taken by the exciting and creative possibilities of surface view's products ( I spotted them at Decorex but I am not the only one
their amazing vintage atlas canvas's were used in the guardians photo shoot and Living etc featured their vintage art print (Above).
They have a vast and uniquely beautiful collection of images which they can apply to canvas's murals and roller blinds. Even more fun there is a bespoke option where you can have your own images blown up into art. I am already looking at my walls in a new light and thinking up mad ways to add a bit of excitement to a dull space - I am thinking that I may like to plaster my cloakroom in a Marvel comic mural!
Where will you find room for one?!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

single minded statement

The next house we move to ( we are coming up to 4 years in this house a record in one place so it must be time to move!) I would love to design a bathroom with Marble. Its such a tactile luxurious material would be lovely to use oodles of it. This bathroom has gone for the ultimate stlye statement floor to wall marble, A real single minded design statment. I think its off the the estate agent I go!
love where you live

sleepless in bath

I am still hoping that life will calm down at some point,
but no light at the end of the tunnel yet (the rumours must be true; because of recession the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off). My work days seem to be getting longer and longer. This week has seen a meeting with a potential client taking place at 9 at night and finishing at 10.30pm Then the morning starts at 7.30 with texts and calls from tradesmen. Yuch!

I am starting to think that my bed doesn't exist I've seen so little of it recently. We had been looking forward to a new one. Our bedroom has quite a tall ceiling and our king size looks tiny in it so had ordered a 6ft Queen. After 16 weeks of waiting I have given up and asked for our money back. Back to the drawing board. I am starting to like the idea of going for a canopy bed, the look is very feminine and glam.
Tonight is the exception I am off for an early night, bed is calling
night, night and sleep tite!
love where you live