Friday, 29 October 2010

techno fever 1

I am not much of a techno person, I like to keep things simple. But this year I have tried to embrace all things new, hence a facebook account, a blog and now an Ipad. I am a convert it has become a permanent attachment to my person! I bought it with work in mind, the graphics are really good and its a great size to be able to pull out in front of clients to show them my portfolio. I have had great fun searching out some great apps that for an interior designer are indispensable.

i handy or blevelfree for an instant spirit level!

its essential to understand natural light when designing a room, Compass app for working out the rooms orientation

colour change using a picture from your albums you can show a client who has difficulty visualising things what a piece of furniture or even an entire room will look like in a completely different colour.

convert units - to switch between metric and imperial

my measure is a brilliant app for keeping track of dimensions. You can shoot a clients existing furniture, and overlay the dimensions. Once back in the office it takes the guess-work when deciding how to make sure new and existing elements work together.

myPantone app - has a fab function on it which allows you to take a picture and then get the app to work out the colours that its seeing, brill for working out any colour references of colours when your out and about.

How did I manage without out!

love where you live

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