Monday, 15 November 2010

designer notes

Have found so little time to write recently its unreal. Mostly as a result of taking on the almost full time job the last 3 weeks of coercing and hlping to write my son's uni application (and the hellish personal statement), not least the days spent on the road taxiing him to see the uni's on his shortlist. Thank god its now been submitted. Didn't have this problem with my daughter, boys are such hard work!!!

Nearly all the motorway driving done just one more jaunt to go, this time to London for a styling for Photo shoots talk. I am hoping to pick up a few useful tips. I would love to have more opportunity to do styling. By the time I have gotten to the end of a project there isn't much budget left to finish off the whole look which is a crying shame. Its all about styling. What takes up 5% of the budget can give 50% of the impression.

But there again it doesn't have to cost a fortune. I think the best ideas are often really simple. I like this dining room where the centrepiece consists of a simple collection of glass glasses and candlesticks.

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