Sunday, 21 November 2010

ballroom blitz

I can't believe that the year is nearly over, it feels like it been all work and no play. Its amazing how unglamorous the role can be, infront of clients its all a calm well presented front, but on the coal face I have ended up in my scruffiest clothes mucking in to get a project in on time more often than not, hair and nails covered in paint.
I saw this picture and longed to get glammed up and hit the town for a bit of R&R. Sadly I am not sure Bath has anything so grand or glamorous.
Its Tom Dixon, one of my design hero's, latest offering, the Tasmania ballroom in Hong Kong. The owner wanted a Private club atmosphere without the stuffiness. The look is a very refined James Bond feel with retro-high tech, combined with a confident cool club atmosphere. The result is a exclusive and glamorous mix of pool club/night club/private club. Dixons key pieces include the cone, pipe and copper shade lights and off-cut stool.
Mmm I think a definite location for cosmos and laboutins!
love where you live

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