Thursday, 31 March 2011

colour me happy

Most clients tend towards neutral hues or grey-tones shades. But there is nothing like shaking things up with a bit of colour. The  Spring/Summer 2011 collections was filled with blocks of bright colours.

At the moment I'm designing a room where hot colours are  the focus. Energetic, warm and fun.

But if you happened to be a little colour shy, colour can still be added with accessories to brighten up your home without being to overpowering.

This multi coloured stripey stair carpet is the ultimate colour  pick me up. An instant shot of cheer!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Vintage finds

Still adding to my collection of vintage finds. Yes there is no hope for me I am a complete junk-aholic.  I found this beautiful Remington typewriter when I was up in Sheffied with my son looking at uni's. I think I fancied typing on it a-la Miss MoneyPenny!

  I was in Chepstow last week and found a pile of old music sheets at 50p each. I think they are going to look great framed in a black  in someones bedroom.  Sometimes I feel like selling my house for something smaller ( less housework!) but then I worry where would I put all my  gems (junk)!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sugary Sweet, an easter treat!

With the sun finally shining and spring upon us I am so looking forward to packing away the black and grey woolly jumpers that have seen me through this very cold and snowy winter and swap them for floaty fabrics and colourful shades of spring.
And I'm not the only one. Every store from fashion to supermarket are filled with the sugary sweet colours that always remind me so much of ( yum yum!) Cadburys mini eggs.

I'd love to create a room filled with the pastel shades of spring. I think it would be difficult to ever be sad in a  pretty and pastel filled home. 

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Express yourself

Affirmations no longer need be written on the mirror in lipstick (aka Charlotte in Sex in the City style) Poetry, words of wisdom or inspiration are no longer being confined to the humble page. Typography has so many possibilities in terms of design, just find a space or an accessory that needs a bit of typographic renovation and voila the written word can transform  a simple cushion, the plainest of walls or even stairs. has a great selection of Wordy stickers for an easy peasy design solution

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Feng Shui home tips

Not saying I am an expert in anything to do with Feng shui, but the principles make a lot of sense.  If little things can improve the harmony of the home I think they are definitely worth incorporating.

Firstly get rid of clutter especially in your most used room. Clutter is negative and can supposedly disrupt the flow of chi, which is life energy. I certainly find it hard working, let alone find anything, in my office if there is any sort of clutter.

Store clutter away and fill with pictures of loved ones or happy memories to ‘allow positive energy, "qi," to flow throughout your home’

Yin Colours -Colour can  affect the mood of your home. Yellow’s and orange are very happy colours and helps promote vitality and creativity. In terms of Feng shui-ing your home, these colours are best used in the kitchen or office space. Or if you don’t fancy a complete colour change add yellow accessories or orange flowered pot plants to improve the rooms energy.

Greens and blues are great calming colours and best used in living rooms and bedrooms.

Purple represents nobility, abundance, and dignity. It is very soothing and calming and is often related to intuition and spirituality. Depending on the shade, it can create a very romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.

White is a symbol of purity and cleanliness, so it is a fantastic color to use in the bathroom.

For more on Feng Shui and colours visit:
love where you live

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

make an entrance

Hallways are often the least thought about spaces in our houses.
They often end up a dumping ground or the opposite a little empty. But the space is an important psychological scene setter. Its where we should leave the stress of the outside world and step into an oasis of calm!
I love how this entrance combines the old with the new,  traditional furniture  with a stunning but simple contemporary staircase
Another fantastic effect mixing traditional architectural detail with contemporary furniture
Runners turn an ordinary space into something special
This my favourite entrance, but then I would say that. I designed and painted the floors myself to create a calm haven!
facebook - interior design bath

Thursday, 3 March 2011

The blind side

I loved the film The Blind Side,  the story was lovely. The only distraction for me was the role Sandra Bullock played of Leigh Anne Tuohy who's career portrayed quietly in the film and in real life is an interior designer. I silently chortled as I watched her play out her private and work life plagued by phone calls about missing products, failed deliveries, wrong deliveries,  successfully side swiping them so she can deal with some drama unfolding in her private life. I thought that Sandra Bullock  mastered to perfection the knack of acting  out unflustered with a quiet air of exasperation!

Coincidentally I was watching some home makeover program recently , DIY sos,  the interior designer on set looked quietly stressed as she discovered the windows she has ordered and waiting for installation didn' quite fit the opening.  I know its wrong to gloat, but god it is great to see it all happening to someone else!

My stress level was on overload today dealing with a curtain track fitter with man flu who was too weak to hold the drill, new lamps being installed fused the switch, and the phone went so many times I hardly had time to write down another "to do" on my to do list before it would go off again. But I too have perfected the interior design smile of calm while inwardly going into meltdown!

Never mind only another week or 2 of melt down to go and it should all calm down. In the mean time I am going to plan my escape to a spa of choice to recuperate, here are my favourites (mandarin oriental NYC and soho house). Mmm oh to relax!
interior design bath