Friday, 29 October 2010

cupboard love

Every decade has its culinary object of desire. In the 70's housewives lusted after revolving spice racks and electric carving knives; in the 80's we wanted microwaves; then glossy coffee machines took over in the 9o's and more recently high-tech juicers have become the "it" item.
But the latest kitchen "must have" owes little to technology and everything to the practicality of our ancestors. To be truly chic a modern kitchen needs a larder.

If you've accessed your inner goddess you'll want somewhere to put the trays of freshly cooked cup cakes. And if your buying in bulk to save money then you'll need somewhere to store it. On top of which a walk in larder deals brilliantly with kitchen clutter.

Increasingly clever design means there is no need to abandon the larder dream even if you don't have the luxury of a separate room. Instead of the usual base and wall cabinets you can just block out a space with a tall larder cupboard. Companies like plain english are great at designing larders but they come at a price. A cheaper route, let id homes design and make one for you! I designed a great one last year which hid away all the owners clutter and kept the worksurfaces clear by housing the toaster and kettle.

Food for thought?

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