Friday, 2 April 2010

beauty and the beast

Why oh why are all my favourite furnishing materials such beasts to live with. I love marble work surfaces, I love Natural flooring and satin nickel taps.
I love marble work surfaces never been able to afford them but lust after them! A recent client insisted on them as part of her kitchen refurb, I did my research and adviced her against it as they stain and scratch really easily (and there's not much you can do to rectify the damage) but she was adamant. Within a week of having them kitchen up and running she wished she had never chosen them.

Natural flooring, love it, had it in my last house (sisal), was ruined within 6 months, if they get wet they stain and you can't get rid of the mark. I still think natural flooring is one of the best looking floor coverings, in period or cottage setting it looks amazing. I am hopeful I will specify it again as I have now found a supplier who does a decent job of waterproofing it.

Satin Nickel taps looked amazing in our current house, was warned that they should only be cleaned by washing up liquid but one day my daughter very helpfully and unprompted cleaned the house and cleaned them with detergent and they are all now stained and look awful.

As my partner is always telling me "you can't have palm trees and paradise"!
If your designer advices you against some thing, listen to them they will most probably know what they are talking about!
I am looking forward to the the end of the week, I am off to my Advanced Colour course. I think next weeks posts will all be colour related if I am suitable inspired about what I have learnt!

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