Friday, 23 April 2010

British Bulldog 1 2 3

I am feeling quite patriotic this week (must be the after affects of feeling so happy to be home after our Volcanic Ash journey!) so I have decided this is the week I start passing on my top 3 Best of British designs (the rest to follow).

First up the thoroughly British Orginal BTC lighting Company. They have a passionate commitment to local manufacturing. BTC produce all their bone china lights in Stoke-on -Trent. Their products are incredibly well made, you would expect nothing less of something made in the UK! Always one to spot a trend my tip is their lights will become future classics. Already gracing some of the top London restaurants their products will look equally stunning in a residential home. If you, like me, like your interiors to be slightly quirky then you will love their bone china teapot lights.

I have added images of my favourite pendant and table lights The prices won't break the bank and even better I will be able to supply at a price discount over the coming months.
Head to to order your own catalogue and email me for my prices.

or if your thinking of gettting one, send me an image of the room and I can recommend the best design for the room.

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