Wednesday, 17 March 2010

keep calm and carry on

May is going to turn into a mad month. I start in earnest designing the interior of a house from top to toe. There is masses to do and lots of decisions to me made and a massively tight timescale to work to. This months sees the marketing campaign kick up a notch with the Press launch of the Pride of Bath art campaign (id homes is one of the sponsors) and my networking strategy moves on; I have now joined the Bath Business Women's Association. Another luncheon to attend!.

I feel that there is always something new to learn in design so I have a advanced colour course and a furniture painting course to attend over the next few weeks. For my sins I also work for a volunteer for a Youth Mentoring Organisation ( and my commitments there needed to be fitted in. A truly mad month.

I am though tackling it in a calm and collect manner as it will all work out just fine. But it did strike me how different colours appeal to you depending on mood. Although not a surprise, take fashion.We often wear colours according to our mood. Which would probably explain why these rooms designs seem really appealing. Very calm very cool and very collect! Just like moi, for the moment at least!

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