Monday, 6 December 2010

pack it in!

I am such a hoarder, I hate chucking things out, you just never know when they could come in handy again. I spotted the image below of 2 crocodile leather suitcase in a magazine and it reminded me I had some in the attic!

I have had my 2 Vintage Suitcases in the attic for the last god knows how many years. I think they have moved house with us many times but I've never quite found the right place for them. But I have dusted them down and they have now provided a nifty storage solution for all my bedroom "stuff" like hairdryers and have become a handy showcase place for my vintage bags. I was starting to despair there is so little storage place in our house, I am glad that I didn't chuck them out, could just do with finding a few more now!

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