Sunday, 25 July 2010

the art of deco

I went to see Noel Cowards Private Lives earlier in the year, it was a decadent treat!
I managed to get the one and only seat left for a matinee performance (a treat in that I snook off for the afternoon abandoning work - just as well I am my own boss).

Anyway there were 2 great things about the play; seeing Kim Cattrall in the lead (I am a huge Sex and the city fan) and the 1920's interior stage sets. I am not a huge fan (so I thought) of Art Deco but was surprised to find I loved the colours, furniture design and fabrics. Soho house Berlin opened a few months ago and the rooms there have got a definite Deco feel to them. Still not entirely sure it is a look I love but its certainly a look that is growing on me. I think the problem I have with it is that it borders on being a little bit too "granny" even Soho's modern take on the style it isn't enough to shake it off

the jury is out still not sure - art deco love or hate?

what do you think?

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