Sunday, 18 July 2010

cute as a button

I am hopelessly addicted to Button backed
furniture, Who knows where this addiction started! But I have noticed on my travels that it is a love that is being adopted by lots of designers. It is one of Ilse Crawfords trademarks oodles of furniture in the hotels she has designed abound. I have tried to rail in my use of it at home but it has creeped in ever so slightly into my living room. I have invested in a massive 1.1 *1.6m footstool, very practical it opens up with bags of storage inside. Not so practical its covered in a gorgeous berry coloured Mohair Velvet which is always picking up fluff. Who cares though I love it! (Until the end of September I am offering 10% off footstools (any size, any fabric, any design) just email for a quote.
Love where you live

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Anonymous said...

OMG! love that footstool!!