Wednesday, 14 July 2010

colour trauma!

When faced with the decision on what paint colours to sign off on, so many calm and normally collect clients go to pieces. This shouldn't happen! Especially when you have already spent days whittling the choices down, considering what works with the light, the space, their existing belongings their personalities. I met David Oliver from Paint and Paper at his colour workshop, he calls in Paint Paralysis. I can at least relate to the problem. About 3 years ago I had a 16 week leadtime (from placing the order to installation) to choose colours for our hand painted kitchen. The day before it was delivered the company demanded a decision so they could provide the paint for the painter. I had agonised for 15 weeks and 6 days! I guess we have an innate need to get things right first time, we feel we can't make mistakes.

I have a final colour sign-off meeting this week with a client. I have decided to make sure I have glasses of wine to hand to make sure that the client is relaxed and to minimise paint paralysis setting in. It is a daunting task for them to decide on a whole house scheme, walls and fabrics so I do feel for them. I think this job is 10% design and 90% hand holding!

One of my favourite blogs on colour is sign up on her home page and get a free monthly colour tips. She runs what sounds like a really practical colour course. Sadly it is in Vancouver or I would be checking it out.

Would love to hear from anybody on what is their favourite paint colour, or colours they would avoid. I have used Farrow and Ball Light Blue recently in 2 different houses. It looks great in a Traditional Home, but looks a really fabulous contemporary colour in a modern setting. When I was in the states I picked up a load of Benjamin Moore paints which look good, but sadly not available over here.
Look forward to hearing from you

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