Wednesday, 4 August 2010

hotel couture

The interior designers dream job has got to be designing hotel bedrooms. Gone is the need for too much practicality (storage and all that) and much more the need for supporting the brand values of the hotel and flights of fantasy to entice customers back. In Milan the ultimate whimsical rooms must have been created for Hotel Moshino. Its billed as a "fantasy, fairy tale world" a contemporary take on wonderland. There is definitely a wonderland theme with cloud shaped lights in the lobby and iconic dress lamp shapes. The restaurant wall features frocks as wall art and the rooms range from Alice room with a giant teacup room and little red riding hood complete with its own fabric wolf. Where else can you sleep on a giant velvet or silk ballgown or a bed of velvety rose petals.
I am completely enthralled by the look of the place. I am smitten by the luxuriousess, the glamour and the quirkyness. Look out Milan here I come!

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