Thursday, 12 August 2010

up the wall

I love wallpaper but in our home its banned by he who must be obeyed (not really I get away with all the decorating decisions, the wallpaper ban is the only concession I have made!).

I have thought about sneaking in a decorator and getting a few rolls up on the wall. But I am not brave enough to risk being made to take it all off again. I guess he has a point it is quite permanent and not like a paint which is cheaper and quicker to change. I haven't found a business project yet where the client is adventurous enough to go with wallpaper either. But its doesn't stop me admiring some of the ranges that are out there. My favourites this year are Farrow and Ball's Chelsea papers in Stone, Cole and Son and Cowslip. Plus a new collection from Catkin Collection, I love Birdhouse and Porcelain, would look fantastic in a cloakroom or if your feeling very decadent the inside of cupboards and wardrobes, a great way to put to brighten up the day.

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