Monday, 30 August 2010


Nights are growing shorter and temperatures cooler, yuch! Never mind only a few more weeks then a trip to Spain where it should be a bit warmer. Just the next 2 weeks to get through; this week getting our house ready for a photo shoot on Friday, then the following week getting another house dressed and ready for sale.
Just thinking that adding panelling to a room has got to be the simplest way to create a really beautiful, glamorous, timeless space. The house I will be working on in a couple of weeks has the orginal panelling.
But its simple to add to an existing room. Tongue and groove to add a cottage feel or cut ply a more contemporary feel which is what has been used to clad the bedroom above at Chiswick house hotel. Its doesn't have to be prohibitively expensive but a good carpenter is a must. I am really looking forward to starting work on an ensuite next week where we are going to use panelling, its going to look amazing. Pictures to follow in a couple of months.

I am going to upload some pictures tonight onto my facebook site ( interior design bath id homes) of a room where we created a panelling effect by just using dado and architraves. The carpenter used a laser spirit level which made sure that it all looked fab when it was up.

Happy days, off to watch a couple of Gavin and Stacey episodes for the rest of this bank holiday Monday, tidy!

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