Thursday, 26 August 2010


I booked to go on a 1 day upholstery course months and months ago. I have been so busy I completely forgot about it until the day before, then had to madly look for a smallish piece of furniture to recover. What a revelation, I hadn't really appreciated how much time is involved and how many stages there are. It took over an hour just to strip the chair back to its frame. I loved every minute of doing it though. It was so rewarding to see an object completely transformed. Thank god I am so busy otherwise I would be straight down to the auction house to start filling up the house with potential recovering projects.
I am passionate about recycling objects they have much more soul than anything you can buy new. My favourite sites are RE who sell these amazing recycled newspaper place mats and old jelly mould lights. I would love to find room somewhere in my home Baileys apple storage crates they would look fab in a contemporary or cottage home
so much stuff to buy, too little room to store it all!
love where you live

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