Thursday, 30 September 2010

wide open

It has been a relentless few weeks, I think my brain has reached overload level. I have so many to do lists, emails, phone calls, problems to solve life has just become a blur. It has got so bad that I am not functioning properly, not helped by a constant headache! I travelled to London yesterday especially to see a design lecture being given by my favourite designer Ilse Crawford, I completely zoned out, got the times in a muddle, I arrived late and only caught the last 10 mins. Gutted. It was a hideous journey too, packed on the train to London then packed like sardines on the underground. I did manage to get to Decorex though (a design show for interior designers) which meant the trip wasn't a complete waste of time. I walked past an exhibitors stand which had statistics written across its walls, one stuck in my mind- That the UK builds the smallest houses in the whole of Europe. It looks like as a nation we like to make sure we are all squashed up whether travelling or in our living spaces!

In contrast here are 2 of my favourite big spaces. The first designed by the south african based Saoto archicts. The second is a property in Panama both awesome spaces.

love where you live

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