Sunday, 19 September 2010

space the final frontier.......

Yikes its getting colder outside. Which means having to look for all my winter clothes which are packed in Suitcases somewhere in the attic. Its a reminder that as much as I love my home, the storage space is hopeless. Those Georgians knew how to design beautifully proportioned rooms but had hardly any need for wardrobe space (their clothes collections would have consisted of a handful of outfits). Its really difficult to incorporate storage space without spoiling the proportions of the rooms (particulary in the bedrooms) hence I am always short of space (although my other half would claim its me that has too much stuff).

I have invested in Footstools that have storage in them, beds with storage in the divans and any other means possible to create storage, including lots of hooks on the backs of doors and interesting shelving. These black powder coated cameo's I spotted by adrien rovero are a too good to cover up! If you have any inspiring storage solutions let me know!

love where you live

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