Tuesday, 14 September 2010

summer time and the living is easy.....

Sort of failing dismally at catching up with some work today. We are having a break away but its also a bit of a working holiday. Its still really warm over here though and my concentration levels are decimated. Either that or it could possibly be the sangria!

Not complaining though , I am not looking forward to temperatures that are going to be at least 10 degrees c. lower when we get home. So I going to making the most of the warmth. Instead of getting on with my marketing plan I have been dreaming about what amazing outdoor rooms I could create if we had better weather in the UK . Found these yummies outdoor spaces which look really inviting. We had our front garden landscaped this year, had a massive patio built as part of it but haven't quite got around to putting any furniture on it yet. Theres space to go for the whole hog, dining set, outdoor sofa, lounge bed, or we would if we had the weather which would justify the investment! I am still loving Philip Stark designed Toy Chairs, www.gomodern.co.uk/phillipe-stark-toy-garden-chair.html so will save up my pennies for them next summer. Well that is it, no more dreaming and back to work!!!

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