Thursday, 2 September 2010

style before substance

Yes, I have finally managed to sit down. I feel as if I have been on my feet for 3 days solid.
Its all in a good cause. One of those things, met a person who introduced me to another person who specialises in interior photography www.iain .The upshot is that he is doing a shoot at my house speculatively (tomorrow) and will send of the pics and a story to see if he can get a commission from a magazine.

Easy I thought only got to get 6 rooms ready. No, not easy styling rooms for a shoot is hard work. I ended up deconstructing all the rooms, moving all my junk and day to day knick knacks (which nobody but me would understand why I have them in the first place). Then days finding the right shade and shape of vase to fill a gap, the ideal picture for another gap, cushions to be rearranged into the perfect formation, furniture moved around to get a better angle in a shot. Fresh bread, herbs and fruit for the kitchen the list of things to do was endless. I think I would really enjoy doing it for a living but in your own home its a nightmare. Trying to keep the house clean and tidy until tomorrow, I am just about ready to pack everyone off down to the travel lodge so I don't have to do another wipe down of the floors.
I am sure it will all be worth it though and I will get some good publicity from the shots if they get used and I will have some great shots for my website and publicity material.

Designing a room for a shoot and designing a room to be lived in are completely opposing design wills. Its all about identifying a style, following it through and finding the right props. Its is not about day to day living! I only hope I can find everything I have hidden when thy have gone.
Have a look at some of the shots I love for the simplest but most stylish of styling. If you have any pics of fabulous styling would love to see them email them to me at .uk
love where you live

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