Wednesday, 8 September 2010

illuminating lighting mistakes!

I love good design, simplicity, understated looks, nothing brash or cheap. There are a few things that I really make me cringe though and offend my design ethic. Artex ceilings, upvc windows and energy saving light bulbs used to be my least favourite additions to any room. But now I have a new most hated to add to my list. What is this trend for sticking halogen lights everywhere, they are appearing on bathroom floors, kitchen plinths and seem to serve no purpose what so ever. I am not against feature lighting though, a good designer will incorporate lighting as a subtle design feature and not a design after thought. Great lighting should have a top note (ultimate aim to provide great functional light), middle note (to create drama and a wow factor, like an amazing pendant light or oversized floor light) and a bottom note (just subtle beautiful high light lighting). I spotted in the local property mag a kitchen with the halogen lights in the kitchen kick-plinth, worst of all they are blue, why?. It reminds me of boy racers who add these neon strip lighting to the underside of the car (why again!). On the opposite end of the spectrum what about this stair lighting for the ultimate in understated glamour and simplicity. Its a great example of bottom note lighting.

There I feel better for my little rant! What are your design hates?

love where you live

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