Wednesday, 2 June 2010

spirit of adventure

I take my hat off to the client who commissioned this project in Manhattan I read about recently. How do you pitch to a client that you are proposing to cut a whole in the entire second floor of his apartment then replace it with a false facade that at a press of a button rolls away like a garage door without them either collapsing with shock or thinking your insane?
However the end result is pure genius (The high tech winch mechanism was designed by the Mclaren Engineering group which designs sets for Circque du Soleil) Architecturally innovative and quirky to boot, this home is amazing. Although the fake frontage looks like a traditional brownstone, its made from quarried stone veneered onto aluminium.
The interiors are spot on, a subtle mix of victoriana and minimal aesthetics. The living room mixes up a Edward van Vliet fringed lamp, a velvet covered Knoll sofa and updates of furniture associated with Victorian Parlours

It's clients like these that get the magical results. A lesson to us all, have the vision and the faith to go ahead with plans that are a extraordinary rather than ordinary?
Long live the spirit of adventure!

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