Friday, 4 June 2010

stateside view

So far so good, arrived in New York complete with luggage (at the same time for a change). A very colourful start to our stay with our apartment looking out on the Gay Pride March. It was an absolutely frenetic hive of activity and a riot of colour and noise. Wow was it hot, how the marchers managed to keep going without melting I do not know.
We were thinking of catching a train to the Hampton's for a few days of quiet and calm to offset the madness of NYC at the end of our trip. I love the area but suffer an acute case of house envy, those beach front mansions are so beautiful. There is something very calming and restful about a typical Hampton's look. I would love to design develop a Hampton's look scheme. We came very close but the client went for a more contemporary cottage look in the end. Maybe I can persuade the other half to invest in a Hamptons Retreat of our own instead!
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