Wednesday, 9 June 2010

fashion statement

Its been the maddest few days. It always happens take a big project on then everything else in every direction of your life kicks off at the same time. But I am now back home starting to plough my way through a backlog of jobs, thank god.
I was in London yesterday but decided to stay overnight so I could fit in a trip to the V&A museum. Didn't quite make it there though! Walking to get the subway from Oxford Street I had to pass Top Shop (it is the shop of all shops) I went in and didn't come out for hours. Completely inspirational. the colours and styles. Colours; with any luck the colours I've been seeing in Top shop (and the other high street shops) will filter its way into the interiors world next season. From what I saw I predict loads of orange and hopefully loads of dusky rose, (my favorite). The styles; what a throw back to the 60's I spotted on the rails cape wing, bat wing (dresses that is), angel sleeves, oodles of chiffon, and knife pleats. I had a feeling at the beginning of the year that a 60's vibe was going to kick-in. It certainly looks like that way in fashion, will just have to wait for it to be brought into the home design departments. Although Orly Kiely has already brought out this beautiful 60's inspired Lusk Sofa (red sofa) and Ercol is being sought out in decorative antique shops.
Any way back to Top Shop, I had to buy a few items to keep that inspirational design feeling going when I got home(well probably more than a few!). But I think I have hit on the ultimate excuse, when I am next asked by the other half why I need so many clothes I can answer in all honesty "its all in the name of research for my work".

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