Friday, 4 June 2010

ibiza space

Finally back at the apartment after another marathon walkathon around Manhattan. I am sure we had planned to holiday in Ibiza this year. It would have probably have been more relaxing! My other half thinks that I wanted to go for the clubbing but I have heard that there is a calmer spiritual side to the island which sounds appealing to me (my clubbing days are long over). I had looked at renting a villa, there are some amazing architect designed homes with equally amazing interiors. There is definitely a picture I am building up in my mind of the ultimate Balearic pad. It is glossy, sleek, and minimalist. Super cool and a very rock-chic. Developing an all-white scheme is the ultimate way to create a glamorous interior (and a high maintenance one!). Although to make it work it has to be layered with lots of textured surfaces.
Not for the faint hearted or for those with loads of kids and animals!

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