Monday, 30 May 2011

radiating style.....

After a slight mishap I had involving me slipping on steps and colliding with a cast iron radiator (it did hurt)  it did make made me wonder whether I would have had quite so many cuts and bruises if I had installed bog standard radiators? Not that I care along with net curtains and pine cladding I am not a fan of builders radiators.  Mind it is quite an investment as non standard does mean quite a hike in price. Its getting better though some of the Diy retailers like B&Q do passable radiators at a not quite break the bank prices.

If getting a quality designer look  is a priority then here are some of my favourite ideas.

 Traditional Cast iron radiators timeless and fabulous

How about a tall sleek radiator

Or there are growing range of glass radiators coming on to the market?

Or for a real statement go for a radiator that double as a piece of art.

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