Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Green Living

When we get our wasted collected it now has to go into umpteen different containers for recycling, one for plastics, paper, cardboard, glass etc. With a continuing growth of the number of items that can now be recycled like, furniture, carpets, metals etc I do sometimes wonder where it all goes and what happens to it. A little rummage on the internet did shed some light!

This Chair designed by Richard Liddle is made from 100% recycled plastic made from milk bottles and washing up liquid made of high density polyethylene. Clever but a little strange looking.
Can you guess what this used to be?
A coffee table made from an old washing machine drum from Reestore!
Inside is an energy-saving bulb that creates a light effect similarly to a disco ball-style.

Or how about some  Recylcled Yoghurt pot coasters?
It seems almost like the possibilities are endless one day we may even see on our streets a whole house made from recycled items like the one created by Affresol in Swansea which is made from 18 tonnes of recylced waste plastic. 


How about Alulife Aluminium tiles made out of recycled aluminium cans. 

Rice, straw and coconut are emerging as sustainable sources to create a home from. 

Have you heard of Resysta?
Resysta resembles a tropical hardwood, maid primarily from rice husks.  The husks are powdered and mixed with salt and mineral oil and pressed onto board.  It doesn't absorb water or grey like wood and the material is recyclable and has won awards for its sustainability.

Recycled is the only way to go to give our planet a chance to regenerate. Next time you are undertaking a renovation project look at what opportunities there are to recycle and reuse.

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