Wednesday, 25 May 2011

home office

its great working from home. No gruelling rush hour journeys is a major bonus. But when you run your  business from home having the right sort of work space becomes essential. I find I need at least 3 work spaces. An area for designing, storage for reference library, admin space and  I forgot an area to store deliveries if the project site  is not ready. I think another 6 months and we will have to move into rented offices. I am taking over the house, plus I am not very good at swithing off when the office always there.

If I were to design my dream office it would have a long wooden table or island so i could spread out while drawing and working.

One wall would be filled with storage space so i could keep everything together, organised and on one floor (rather than running up and down the stairs which is my current situation).

It would have a homely feel

It would have a great view, nothing to distracting, maybe a office with glass walls in a wood.

I would never want to work in a big corporate office environment but it looked as fun as  Google's or Pixar's I might consider it.

Shall we take the lift of the slide?

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