Monday, 9 May 2011

Pack your suitcase and stay home.

With the prospect of a holiday potentially on the horizon (mostly wishful thinking, I've being saying I am going to have a holiday for nearly a year), I wanted to dig out the summer clothes that I had packed away in suitcases months ago.
Though practical and lightweight, looking at my suitcase it lacked a certain charm and elegance that old fashioned  trunks had. Though I'm sure a trunk probably wouldn't be very practical when trying to lug it round Heathrow.  Maybe not practical for taking  away on holiday but  old trunks could make quirky accessories around the home.

Trunk tabletop -

I even found a site that takes it one step further.  Turning the humble trunk and recycle it into a unique and vintage looking pieces of Furniture (not only stylish but eco friendly). Right that has got me into the mood off to flick through some holiday brochures.

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