Friday, 13 May 2011

Capture a moment

What makes a house a home?
You do.
One house could be identical to another but it's what you do to the inside, the personality that you give it that makes it your home. And nothings is more personal than displaying family photos.
So instead of just hiding them away in an album or popping them in a photo frame, theres a million more ways to display them imaginatively.
I love this idea,  creating a stunning head board  made out of  Polaroid photos. Or a created out of a montage

Or turn get trigger happy and work one of your favourite prints into wallpaper. Create a unique piece or artwork for your walls or even turn your fire place into a unique style statement. On a smaller scale go diy and add to a lampshade. 

Or if you prefer a slightly smaller home accessory why not dig out your vintage family photos and go old school and slot them into pretty glassware. 

For quotes on turning your artwork into home accessories email us we can create stunning lightshades, murals or blinds.

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