Sunday, 27 February 2011

Free as a bird

I love finding unusual home accessories, I've been on the look-out for a Vintage Birdcage for a while. There have been quite a few I have liked but none that I loved until I found the one below and a bargain to boot at £5 (it just needed a lick of paint). Got it at the Saturday morning scrum at Rolfeys ( in Bath, he loads up with  lots of new stock on the weekend and it attracts a host of regular antique hunters. Its a great place for finding great vintage stuff.

Got the usual ribbing when I brought my find home  about filling the house with junk!
But there are so many things that you could do with a birdcage. Hang jewellery off the rails, display candles or even flowers inside.
For an interesting twist do noticeboards and mirrors with a birdcage theme.

Or turn them into a funky and individual light. Like this one from Zuzu's Petals
bath interior design

Friday, 25 February 2011

I left my heart in...

New York city.
I am getting withdrawal symptoms, if I were given the choice to live anywhere in the world I would like to give NYC a go.  I love the pace of the place the stores, hotels it is a truly inspiring place.

My love of vintage drew me toward shareen vintage.  It looks like an apartment building, a red dress hanging from the railings is the only indicator of the hidden treasure trove of vintage fare hidden inside. Its a great place for inspiring colours and patterns.

When I find a reason to visit again I've already decided on my dream accommodation. The Mondrian Soho is opening its doors March 2011.

The Alice in wonderland style garden (pictured above) and interior styling looks like it is going to be spectacular. Normally I would prefer the freedom of staying in an apartment  but  I may have to stay at the Mondrian for 'interior research' purposes.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Eco Chic

I attended a talk by Oliver Heath who speaking  about incorporating environmental features into interior design projects. Great talk and lots of great ideas. He has a book Urban Eco Chic , which  is a really good source book of environment friendly interior ideas and contacts.

Switch to energy saving light bulbs has got to be a great move (switching an old 100W bulb with a green 200W bulb will save you £7 a year, which may not seem like much until you add up how many light bulbs you have in your house. I don't like energy saving bulbs them on aesthetic grounds but I have been turned by Hulgers light bulbs. Hulger’s Plumen lightbulb uses 80% less energy, last 8 times longer and look amazing.

Think soft furnishings.
Velvet Drapes, carpeted floors, will all help to retain heat. Especially in old houses with original windows. If you have bare wood, timber floors can be insulated by laying mineral wool under the floorboards. Or for some added heat go Blue Peter style and fit foil behind radiators. Half the heat from most radiators goes straight out the back and, usually, so fit reflective foil panels behind your radiators.

Soho house Berlin

Don't buy new, recycle what you have, recover, repaint or buy vintage. I have never know what to tell clients to do with old carpets on projects where we are supplying new carpets. But I have now found companies which will take your old carpets and use the waste to create new plastics products.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Live like a princess... rule like a queen

With the Kings speech nominated for 12 Oscars and  Kate Middleton and Prince Williams' impending wedding, never has there been more enthusiasm for all things royal. There's no need to get out the union jacks yet but you could get in the mood by adopting a regal  touch in the home. 

Go mad with  crest emblazoned pillows, crockery and crown covered wallpaper. Keep it contemporary by keeping colours neutral and you'll be right on track to live like royalty. And inspired by all things truly British I fancy a hearty slice of Victoria Sponge. Just to find my butler first…. mmmmm…Geeves!
Wallpaper - Graham and Brown
Mug and frame - Not on the high street 
crown hanger - Graham and Green

Sunday, 13 February 2011

'When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew'

Though not one to buy completely into the tradition of cards, flowers and huge declaration's of love etc (though admittedly I wouldn't return any thing given to me of course) who am I to begrudge a day celebrating love. So in true Valentines spirit, hear are a few of my favourite valentine inspired accessories for around the home. 


Heart shaped Trinket box-
Cushion -

Fancy making a statement in the living room? how about a deep pink love seat to spice things up.

Sofa- Heals

Or if you  fancy going all out for a romantic night in adorn your table with some very creative love themed accessories.

Friday, 11 February 2011

book worm

Books are wonderful. They can allow you to escape into a realm of fantasy, help you achieve your goals or can help you lose yourself completely for a couple of minutes or hours every day.
If you have a extensive collection of books don't hide them away in the attic or in the closet. Display them proudly, display your inner bookworm.

Stack them high, colour co-ordinate them, build shelves into walls, doors or simple tie them together and display them.

Monday, 7 February 2011


With the 2012 olympics creeping ever near, London is getting ready for one of the greatest events in the sporting calendar.  Bars, restaurants and hotels are opening continuously; ready and waiting for the masses to arrive at London's doorstep. The latest arrival to appear soon in the city caught my eye, the hotel chain W.
In the heart of theatre land W hotel opens it's first UK hotel in leicester Square on 14 February.

The building is completely glass fronted allowing the guests the freedom to watch the world go by and in the evening enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in one of its many contemporary and space age inspired rooms and with David Gandy and Helen Christensen fronting their ad campaign it's certainly one to watch. 
Watch the campaign here