Friday, 25 February 2011

I left my heart in...

New York city.
I am getting withdrawal symptoms, if I were given the choice to live anywhere in the world I would like to give NYC a go.  I love the pace of the place the stores, hotels it is a truly inspiring place.

My love of vintage drew me toward shareen vintage.  It looks like an apartment building, a red dress hanging from the railings is the only indicator of the hidden treasure trove of vintage fare hidden inside. Its a great place for inspiring colours and patterns.

When I find a reason to visit again I've already decided on my dream accommodation. The Mondrian Soho is opening its doors March 2011.

The Alice in wonderland style garden (pictured above) and interior styling looks like it is going to be spectacular. Normally I would prefer the freedom of staying in an apartment  but  I may have to stay at the Mondrian for 'interior research' purposes.

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