Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Live like a princess... rule like a queen

With the Kings speech nominated for 12 Oscars and  Kate Middleton and Prince Williams' impending wedding, never has there been more enthusiasm for all things royal. There's no need to get out the union jacks yet but you could get in the mood by adopting a regal  touch in the home. 

Go mad with  crest emblazoned pillows, crockery and crown covered wallpaper. Keep it contemporary by keeping colours neutral and you'll be right on track to live like royalty. And inspired by all things truly British I fancy a hearty slice of Victoria Sponge. Just to find my butler first…. mmmmm…Geeves!
Wallpaper - Graham and Brown
Mug and frame - Not on the high street 
crown hanger - Graham and Green



Anonymous said...

As a true brit, this year and next is going to be amazing with the royal wedding and the olympics, definitely loving the idea of crowns in the home for a brit twist!

id homes said...

rule brittania!